Nina Stopar (1982) studied Philosophy and the Slovenian language in Ljubljana. She was a teacher for almost ten years. In 2016 she attained an MA in Aesthetics (mentor Lev Kreft). She studied contemporary art and claimed that nowadays, more than ever before, the artist himself has to become the artwork. She then dedicated her life to art more professionally, completing an MA in Painting at the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Ljubljana in 2021.

As a teacher of the 5Rhythms movement practice, she believes movement is the gateway to creativity, abstraction, and the artistic self. She explores abstraction as the dance of intuition of the body in motion.
Lives and works in Žerjav and Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Solo exhibitions
2022 Meeting of the body as touching the memory in the print of colour, Ravne Gallery
2021 Renewed landscape, Črna na Koroškem, Slovenia
2020 Grošljeva gallery, Prevalje, Slovenia

Group exhibitions
2022 EX-TEMPORE PIRAN 22, Piran city gallery, Slovenia
2022 MAJSKI SALON, ZDSLU 22, Kibla Portal, Maribor
2021 A TILE IN PARADISO, permanent exhibition, Imperia, Italy
2021 NOTHING REALLY MATTERS, Rossocinabro gallery, Rome, Italy
2021 BODY LANGUAGE, Itsliquit, Venice, Italy
2021 IN CONTEMPORANEA, Rossocinabro gallery, Rome, Italy
2017 EX-Tempore Piran, Slovenia

Poetry collection
Kisses and Words, 2022
Poems published in the Nebulae magazine, 2022
Poems published in the Apokalipsa magazine, 2021

2022 The birth of the painting: the blooming of the collective body, multimedia performance, participants Dominik Mahnič (video), Marko Batista (sound), Cirkulacija 2
2022 Sounds of metabolized breath, musical and poetic performance, Jure Praper (sound), Galerija Ravne, KGLU

2022 Ex-tempore Piran, international painting ex-tempore, major purchase price