The Birth of a painting | blooming of the collective body

painting / dance / sound / video performance

Participating artists

NINA STOPAR (concept+body+painting)

Nina Stopar – Statements

1. Art is subversive when painted in embodied action painting.
2. Witnessing the process of embodiment painting is subversive for the viewer and the artist.
3. Art must be vivid and colorful, created from seeking the unknown of my whole being – to awaken the viewer’s feelings, the sensation of wholeness.


The picture has no clear beginning, just as life does not begin with Birth. Everything is interconnected, so the painting is created much before the painting process begins.

Our bodies do not end with the outer line, with the edge of the skin or clothes. The invisible bonds of our bodies bind us into the hidden collective network- the unconscious. I am referring to the concept of inter-corporeality and the collective unconscious. The body, even if it has its external form, is never only what is seen, nor can it be exempted or separated from other bodies.

An artist’s body is already a collective body and – from this point of view – provocative in bridging and transforming the collective unconscious, the intra-corporeal, the hidden, the invisible – onto the canvas – and the abstract painting. The process is cleansing not only for the artist but also for the viewers, who, even in a seemingly passive role, are active movers of the emerging image. Performance is thus a collective event par-excellence.