I expect you as the enthronement of St. Mary
I expect like an immaculate conception
in her belly
torrents roar down the slope of my hairy skin
vagina is opening like a lily flower
I am blossoming
I am blossoming
but I am in love with poetry ...

I was chosen among the five finalists at the national literati meeting In the Shelter of the Words 2023, which took place in Sveta Trojica.

Literary evening in the hometown of Črna na Koroškem during the tourist week. I read the poetry of Kisses and Words with the local poet Stank Grl and the worldly poet and writer Jurij Hudolin.

The final of the poetry tournament Knight of Poetry 2022.

Presentation of the first book, Kisses and Words, in the Carinthian Central Library Dr. Franc Sušnik in Ravne na Koroškem with Jurij Hudolin.

Performance of poetry at the exhibition.  Click to Listen.